Hej hej

So much has happened on the farm since our last blog post. So let's see what's new...
Baby boom!
About 3 months ago, baby animals were popping out all over the place here at Allmogegarden! We welcomed piglets, ducklings, chicks, rabbits and lambs. They are all happy and healthy, and revelling in the long summer days here in the beautiful Swedish countryside.

New plant sauna
Thanks to WWOOFer Tobbe, Allmogegarden now has a new greenhouse. Tomato plants were moved in over a few days (a few cucumber plants snuck in too), and all inhabitants are now making the most of the warmer climate. 
How do you drive this thing?!
After sowing assorted seeds a little while ago, the fields are now in the process of being weeded. The first thing to do is drive the hacker between each row, which rips up the weeds underneath. This machine is horse-powered and is usually driven in teams of two, with one person leading the horse and the other working the machine. It takes a bit of time to learn how to work with the horse/machine/your fellow driver, but luckily there are lots of rows to practice on!
The Great Escape
Some of our rabbit residents have been enjoying "life on the outside" after breaking out of their enclosure...multiple times. This has kept the WWOOFers busy with almost daily rabbit hunts! But even though they can be hard to catch, at least they never run too far away. Word on the street is rabbits that stay inside their enclosure get to live a happy life...the others might not be so lucky...


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