En episod ur Allmogegårdens historia är slut!

Idag lämnade de sista russen: Solina, Affarell och Farito Allmogegården! De känns både sorgligt men också roligt att de får komma till ett så bra hem. De kommer att få det jättebra och får komma till användning.

Week 38 at Allmogegården :)

My first week on Allmogegården is already over! The time here has passed so quickly and we experienced a lot of different work this week.
At the start we were 13 Wwoofers from different countries. This week we had to say goodbye to Linnéa, Mikael and Ashleigh who went home to Stockholm and Australia.
On Monday and Tuesday we worked outside on the field and picked potatoes. Later we sorted out the bad ones for the animals and put the good potatoes into the cellar to keep them for the winter. When we had finished the potato picking, we started to harvest carrots. We have been very lucky with the weather, because it was sunny and warm during the whole week. For that reason we all enjoyed working outside on the field. Even though we had a lot of work to do, we had enough time to relax in the sun.
On Wednesday and Thursday Bengt slaughtered three lambs and one of the pigs. Those of us who were interested could watch it or even help him. For me it was new to see animals being slaughtered but it was very interesting to see how he did it! He went to the field and fed the animals. While they were eating, he killed one of them. This way the animal doesn't get stressed before the killing and the others don't realise it. He also didn't take all the lambs of one mother sheep at once, so the sheep won't miss them. 
In the kitchen, we did a lot of cooking and baking this week. We made cream, yoghurt, butter, bread and conserved tomatoes. We even had a cake and (thanks to the kitchen day teams) a good variety of food for lunch and dinner. 
This weekend was free for all of us and many of us went on a trip to Gränna, a nice Swedish town beside the lake Vättern. =) Miri from Germany

Week 36 and 37 at Allmogegården

The last few days at Allmogegården have been full of sun, harvesting, mushrooms, threshing and new WWOOFers. Now there are 12 people from Sweden, UK, Australia, France and Germany and Elias was here for his work experience. 
The main part was getting the crops from the fields, we even worked on a Sunday because we had to take advantage of he good weather. On the harvesting days we picked a lot of corn, peas and beans. Then we cut and conserved them. In the garden there is also a pear tree, so we made a lot of jam (as well as banana jam and banana bread). On the rainy days some of us built traditional fences around the animals. Some time ago Bengt slaughterd two pigs and in the last week we had to take care of all the meat.
With our WWOOFer group we have had a great time so far. Sadly some of us have already left, we all miss Manuel who is back in Paris by now and today Ashleigh will take a long journey back to Australia. The rest of us will stay a little bit longer. Elin will continue to make everything out of bananas, Leo will search for more mushrooms and Marie will take a walk with her dog Teo.
This sunday was a special day, it was the election day in Sweden and we went together with the horses to Skärstad. It was also my birthday and I got a really good cake with self-made candles.
The last two weeks have gone by so quickly and I'm really looking forward to the next!

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