Next step done!

Autumn started and a really big step towards completely self-sufficiency is done! We installed a new oven that heats up our tap water, the house and we use it for cooking- all at the same time!

But there are more changes going on here, for example we started to concrete the place for the new manure pile. 

Another one is that there are less Wwoofers now, just a cozy group!

Bengt got a really well working old harvesting machine, the work with it goes fast and efficient- even that its a little bit loud and dusty ;)

But we already harvestet ray, barley and two sorts of oat with it! (One of the oat sorts was mixed with peas)

Beside the work on "our" farm, we went now somedays to Bengts brothers farm to pick apples, relly nice! With "Fika" on the trailer between all the apple trees...


With the beginning of autumn the slaughtering season started as well and some of our sheep are in heaven now ;)

But just enjoy the pictures...!
Our little rabbit
(Dont be mad at me Hanni ;D )
Quality time!
Curious Alma
Who`s the chicken Mama?
Elvis high up in the trees
What a beautiful autumn morning!

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