Harvesting time!

After some weeks of work with hay, we finally managed to store all the hay in the top of our barn! It`s quite a lot and I`m sure that our cows, horses and sheep are looking forward to eat it all during winter!
And do you remember the picture from our first hay in the barn? (If not look at the blog “some impressions”)
Look at it now- you will not recognise it anymore!

Now it continues with the harvesting on the fields; we already cut barley and oat and now these grains are drying on hässja or bound together and leant on sticks. It`s really nice to watch this “grain-mans” moving in the wind ;)

But don`t think that the harvesting is only on the fields, we have such a lot of vegetables in our garden now that not even our always-hungry group can eat them all, so we started to conserve them for the winter. A lot of beetroot, squashes, onions, garlic and peas are already in glass jars, frozen or dried. And there`s much more coming!

It`s also the time for animal moving!
Our sweet little calve Hanni moved to her friend Dean and they`re really happy together! Even when they have small arguments when the milk is coming for them ;)

The big pig lady Doris moved to her gentle husband Leffe to become pregnant. But like a real lady, she`s just interested in the food in his house. Hopefully he can manage to change her mind and be more important than potatoes… ;)

Horse riding!

Because of the daily training with Karamel we can already ride her and she`s a really good horse! Even though she`s a little bit clumsy sometimes, she`s fast and motivated and we started our evening-rides again- relax on horsebacks!

Happy birthday!
The “wwoofers Mum” Angela had her 21 birthday! (Or was it the 27?)
We spent a nice day with her with cake, Lasagne and a little bit of relaxing on the lake- congratulations again!

Have a look on our daily life, a visit on a friends festival and a very interesting butter-skulpture.. ;)

Blue hands and some baby-stuff

The baby-boom continuers!

Our sweet cow Anna gave birth to a weak girl named Hanni. Our wwoofer Hanni cares about her night and day and so she gets bigger and stronger every day!
Dean is quiet big now but sadly not a man anymore… And he has a new "room" so he can be outside on the grassland- he really likes it!

And here is the promised rabbit-baby’s picture- since a few days they live alone, without their mother Trio so she can have a little holiday from them ;)

Not a baby anymore but a new animal on the farm as well is our beautiful horse Caramell! She was a little bit shy in the beginning but now she is used to us and a really lovely horse!

The story behind the blue hands..

A week ago we all went to a beautiful place between two little lakes to pick up blueberry’s. It was a wonderful day in the forest and we had a delicious lunch with soup heated up over the fire! But we were working a lot, too because we picked up about 150 Liter of the berry’s and afterwards we had to clean them all. Nice work but some of us still have coloured hands ;)

Adventure time!
Some of us went to a really old watermill which is still at work and it was really impressive! It’s like a high- tech construction that works only with the power of the water and the man there could explain a lot about the work in former times and the technique how that all works so well. And on our way back home we ate a lot of raspberry’s- delicious!

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