Wwoofer Profiles - Part 1

G'day! I'm An. I travelled all the way from Australia to spend a month at Allmogegarden in June. A big part of the Allmogegarden experience for me involved getting to know the other WWOOFers. The people I met were fun, clever and a little bit crazy. Okay, more than a little bit. They all had their own stories, had various reasons for coming to the farm, and would be heading off in different life directions after their Allmogegarden experience. They came from Sweden, US, France, the Netherlands, but mostly there were more Germans than you could poke a stick at. These people were all weird and wonderful in their own way, but I noticed that they were generally independent, passionate, generous and bloody hard-working. I left the farm a few months ago, but I'm going to hijack the blog for a few days to introduce you to some of the people I met in my time there. First up, the force of nature that is Meike ...

Meike (Majken)
Age: 24
Country: Germany
Length of stay: 11 weeks, in total
Responsibilities: Chicken and Duck Mum, House Mum, Milk Majesty, Garbage Responsible, Grocery Delivery, Carpenter, Gardener
What brings you to Allmogegarden?
I planned to travel around in Sweden for five months and wanted to try WWOOFing too. I found Allmogegarden on the WWOOFer homepage and was interested in this farm, this is why I'm here :)
What did you think it would be like?
I was expecting nothing so I could not be disappointed.
What is it actually like?
It is GREAT!
Have you ever worked on a farm before?
Yes, I worked on another farm in Sweden and also for a year on a farm in Germany.
What do you do in your downtime here?
I sleep ...
Best thing About WWOOFing at Allmogegarden?
The animals, the people, that we have so much freedom in our work.
Worst thing?
Animals that are dying.
Most memorable moment?
Birth of baby animals.
How do you think your Allmogegarden experience has changed you?
It showed me that I want to live like this (I knew it before but now I know it for sure), maybe not exactly this way but close. I've had so many moments of happiness here that made me recognise that this is the way I want to live.
Any advice for future Allmogegardeners?
Just enjoy it! And accept that, at Allmogegarden, "as soon as possible" means in two months, and "one day" means never! :D

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