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ALLMOGEGARDEN, Sweden -- The last couple of weeks a lot of small projects have been going on at the farm. To get a short overview of the latest happenings please take a look at the breaking news.
Escaping Cattle
On a sunny afternoon Allmogegarden's cows have been on the run. The animal gang consisting of Alma, Anna, Annamai and Silvia discoverred icy ad snowy paths in order to find the valuable green gold. However, on their quest of hay our brave shepherd Zita could take up the cows' trail and lead them back to their pasture.
Since a few weeks Allmogegarden was extended by three new inhabitans. The ducks Jeanette, Sally and Anders acclimatized very fast and enjoy now chatting around with the chickens and taking baths in their self-made swimming pool.
After a few hard-working days the wooden water trough made by Swiss hand is completed and ready to be inaugurated. The next Swiss project is restoring a wooden butter crock.
A really nice catch reached Allmogegarden. It was fished in the
close-by lake Landsjön.
On a Saturday in January a few of the Allmogegardeners went to a nearby second-hand store to get some new furniture for renovating the WWOOFers' House. After testing the comfort quality of the products, the cats were pleased with the acquisitions. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

The best way of decorating and bringing cosy and eletcroless light in a room is achieved by self-made candles. Therefor bee wax and sheep fat are used. The candles production kept the farm busy for a whole weekend, which meant candle dipping in shifts. However, the result of this time-consuming work is a supply of hand-made candles for dark winter days.

Since there are always things to learn on a farm the so-called study cirlces have been reintroduced in Tolarp. On weekly meetings interesting topics regarding farming, gardening, sustainabilty and much more are discussed.
In order to keep a good balance between work and leisure time all inhabitants of Allmogegarden have their own exercises and relaxation programmes.
The different methods vary from cross country running...
...over finding the inner balance via the belly dance...
...and taking a relaxing warm bath... driving through the wintry landscape.
To stay updated please follow the coming Allmogegarden News!

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