Happy Halloween from Allmogegarden! :)


Tank's coming up !

Finally !!!! Since may we had this project and now we made it! The tank is up and is ready to be used! :) 
Soon we are able to collect the rain water :)


The Skördefest was a HUGE SUCCESS!!!!!
So many people showed up and had an amazing time at Allmogegarden. Fortunately, the weather god was on our side! Even when the wind was a bit cold the sun and the people were smiling :)
In our cafe all visitors found some hot soup, coffee, tea or homemade and delicate cake!
Futhermore, we offered the opportunity to discover traditional wool handicraft and to listen to incredible live music! 

Preparation for the Fest II

We made the hole farm shine in a new look :)
Therefore we rearranged the disorder of the pig-buckets into a real food-station with places for the new and the used buckets. Also we cutted the gras along the ways and created some signs so the people won't get lost. 
Moreover, we built up a little marketplace as a center for the Skördefest...
... and established a cozy cafe where people can warm up.
Last but not least, Maria prepared everything for a pumpkin competition!

Preparation for the Fest

The Preparations for the Skördefest are in full swing!
Packing Veggie-bags, backing, creating order ...
Stay tuned !!!

End of week 42

Did we mentioned it before? We will have a Skördefest next Sunday (25th of October). We verge on the end of the harvest time and this needs to be celebrated! Some would freak out with all the work that has to be done in such a short time. But we don't! Here at Allmogegarden we "take it easy"!
Things we have done at the weekend:
Maria finally accomplished the rocket stove (successful)

 We went to the pound and fished (failed)
 We prepared some delicious coocked potatoes for the pigs (successful)
Carlos and Adam started with their own cider Production (to be continued)
Hitchhiked from Stockholm to Jönköping (failed)

Trained the dog to peel corn (successful)


At the end of the day...

After a whole day on the field, it is nice to come home for a hot and autumnal dinner.
Fortunately we have our own Chicken to cook ! ;)
And it seems like it would tastes good !!!

Harvesting III

Besides of eating, Harvesting and storing the vegetables is the last step of the farm-circulation. Therefore, it is at the time to give a big thankyou to all the Wwoofers who had plant everything over the year! :)
Finally, all of our wonderful pumpinks are in an ordinary row.
And as we all know - it's not the size that matters ;)

Harvesting II

It doesn't matter which vagetable you are thinking of. At Allmogegarden you will find whatever your heart desires.
Onions, Potatos, Pumpkins....
We looooove harvesting! :)

Harvest time is a time of joy !

A warm welcome to the thrid season of the year. The time when the leafs start to get yellow, orange and red and it becomes cozier inside every day. All the fireplaces around the farm are working at top bu so are we! :)
On the one hand, days are still warm but the nights are cold as f**k and on the other hand, all of us get a wet morning kiss from the beautiful fog.
The nature begins to prepare itself for the winter, meanwhile we have to be fast to get all the vegatables in for the cold months.

Summer is almost over!

Yesterday was the last day of trashing! Finally, the barn is prepared for the winter and the animals can be happy to have enough hay and litter to survive the beautiful but cold Swedish winter! 
The whole team is totally proud to be done! Sadly not all of the trashing-people were here to see the final results or to be on the photos…

Even when it looks like we would have super much fun while posing with the straw, we actually worked pretty hard ;)
After building some new fence we also moved the younger cows to their new home at the forest glade near the farm. They were very happy and glad to have fresh grass!
(we hope that we operated to Johanna’s complete satisfaction )
We are still waiting for Leffe to please Doris!!
However, the other pigs are just fine !! Moreover, we moved the little ruffians to their new place and they were so pleased and excited about it 

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