Welcome to Allmogegarden’s Winter-Wonderland Part II

Jolinda is dragging the sleigh for the first time. She is doing a really good job, even when she is a tiny little childishly - everything can be so exciting for a young horse...the snow..the sleigh behind...or do you maybe have apples for me?
Winter wonderland!
Firing branches is one part of the daily work in wintertimes - and a good bonfire keeps you warm while working in the cold.
Caramel is full of energy and working hard. She is an enrichment for the herd and can show "lazy" Frej how to be a little faster :)
However, Frej is also working hard. He is doing a great job!
Pluto also drags trees on small hilly paths - det var riktigt bra Sanna och Pluto!
Frozen trees on a sunny day - the farm looks very different in its winterdress.


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