Summer is almost over!

Yesterday was the last day of trashing! Finally, the barn is prepared for the winter and the animals can be happy to have enough hay and litter to survive the beautiful but cold Swedish winter! 
The whole team is totally proud to be done! Sadly not all of the trashing-people were here to see the final results or to be on the photos…

Even when it looks like we would have super much fun while posing with the straw, we actually worked pretty hard ;)
After building some new fence we also moved the younger cows to their new home at the forest glade near the farm. They were very happy and glad to have fresh grass!
(we hope that we operated to Johanna’s complete satisfaction )
We are still waiting for Leffe to please Doris!!
However, the other pigs are just fine !! Moreover, we moved the little ruffians to their new place and they were so pleased and excited about it 


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