Concrete and haircutting

During this week, we got the concrete for next years projects; a wall, surrounding all the horse - and cow shit which is produces in the stable. A fundament for a horse shed for taking care of the horses and a cellar for storing turnips. 



It all went perfectly well, so now there is only to wait until the concrete is dried and hard, so we can begin with the next step.


Also, we had a visit by the sheep-haircutter. A sheep need to have their wool cut of at least twice a year, and now it was time for our sheep to get rid of their summer wool, to make room for the winterwool. It took about an hour and a half and then all the sheep was ready for the next wool to come.

In the coming time, we are planning to prepare some of the wool for winter glowes, hats and socks :)  


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