Crazy bees everywhere!

All wwoofers are working in silence, side by side weeding, corn planting or separating plants. A lot of wonderful flowers are in bloom around them and the sun shines with full power, a beautiful picture here in Allmogegarden! But… what’s that? Suddenly a dark, buzzing cloud arrives in the sky-the bees are swarming!
After they sat down on a tree, Bengt put them with all his knowledge (and some help ;) ) back to their home, hopefully they will stay there! (Otherwise the 10 stitches in Bengt’s hand would have been for nothing)

But there’s much more going on here…!

We moved Doris and her piglets away from the barn to a new field where they can stretch their legs and have new dirt to dig in! The last two of Doris’s Grown offspring were slaughtered to provide for the Midsummer BBQ. They will be missed, but the meat will be much appreciated!!
And not only these two pigs are dead now, we’ve slaughtered the mean black rooster, too- he should have acted more like a gentleman!

Because of the nice weather here, we opened the first outdoor kitchen in Allmogegarden! We have a very nicely working rocket stove and we can do our dishes out there too.


Our holy Cheesy Princess left a secret message for you- pssst!
“For a few months I’m taking over the duties of our beloved Milk Majesty who is in charge of all the milk.
As the Cheesy Princess I’m not only making softcheese or feta cheese with our precious milk, but also yoghurt, butter, messmör or sourmilk. It is really important to plan what is needed and to work with hygienic devices.
Since processing the milk is a lot of work- especially soon when more than one cow can be milked- I share the secrets of working with the milk and teach all the other wwoofers how to make our delicious home-made dairy products.”


Last but not least, we have a little story from our sheep manager Yeji about her work- enjoy it and dream about the beautiful Swedish landscape!
“My responsibility is very simple: go and count sheep. It’s really enjoyable to walk around the sheep pasture, see the beautiful scenery all around, especially the forest and rocky field, wide-wide sky of Sweden and hearing little lambs’ cute voices…
But usually they are scattered all over the pasture!

So the thing is:

We have 15 mother sheep and 22 lambs now, and some of them are so independent that they never stay with the herd. I could find one family (mother and 2 lambs) at the end of the road, behind some rocks or next to a lonely tree.
Sometimes sitting or lying sheep make just the same shape of rocks or bushes. So counting the sheep becomes hide-and-seek!
But after finishing counting them, the sheep manager feels just as after solving a big puzzle.”


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