Summer has started!

On Friday 19th of June we celebrated Midsommar! It was a great day full of very good food, fun, games and a little bit of “Snaps” ;)
But let me explain the whole day: We had 3 different groups. The first one was the “food team” and they conjured us a meal full with fresh potatoes from our fields, salmon, our own-slaughtered pigs (read more about them at the last Blog) and delicious strawberry cakes!
The second team was responsible for the games and they surprised us with 5 really funny ones! (I don’t want to explain every single one- just let the pictures speak ;) )

And the last team was the decoration- group, they had to decorate everything and care about the “Midsommar-stång”. But in the end, everybody just helped where he was needed and it was a nice day full of team- work!
As the tradition wants it, all of us had flowers in the hair (even some animals…) and we danced around the stång singing midsommar songs. In the evening, we all sat together with beautiful Irish background music- thanks!

Baby- boom at Allmogegarden!
Our cow Alma finally gave birth to her calve- it’s a very strong boy called Dean. He’s just always hungry and we feed him 3 times a day with milk (and of course with a lot of love from all the wwoofers)!

But he’s not the only baby here on the farm, a few days ago our sweet puppy Zita arrived! Maria’s darling is full with energy and plays the whole day long-with little sleeping breaks of course. And she really likes the taste of toes... watch out!

And don’t think that that’s all about offspring here because our rabbit Trio born 8 little, blind, naked rabbit baby’s- we are really looking forward to the day, when they are leaving the nest so we can see them!
Some hot work...

As usual in this time of the year, the grass is ready to cut! That means a lot of work for the horses and the people, we have to cut the grass at the even fields with the horses and on the hills or where a lots of stones are with hand. After that, we put it on the “hässja” to dry it. Then there’s work for the horses again to rake the rest of the grass so we can put it on the hässja, too. But it’s a good feeling when you finally see all the ready hey and the beautiful hässja standing on the fields!

And it’s not only the right time for hey, our garden is just full with delicious vegetables, herbs and beautiful flowers- just see it by yourself!

Strawberry’s, strawberry’s, strawberry’s..!
One day, half of us were allowed to pick a lot of strawberry’s at a friend’s farm and the other half processed them to delicate jam and juice, it was a big mess in the kitchen and it looked like somebody was murdered there, because of all the red liquid everywhere! And the cleaning day we had before? We would need one again!
And for everyone who hadn’t seen enough pictures from Allmogegarden yet, we have a great film made from our wwoofer Malthe! I’m sure you will enjoy it!


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