Here Comes The Sun!

Another busy week at Allmogegarden!! 
  On Monday and Tuesday we continued to take advantage of the snow and drove with the horses to the forest to collect more timber for construction wood, firewood, and paper making! The weather was ideal and the driving went very smoothly.  Pluto wanted everyone to see how  much fun he was having so he took the camera and took a 'selfie': 
   Okay, he wasn't the only one taking 'selfies'....:
In addition to the on-going driving, Maria has been making progress on constructing the new slaughterhouse.  Brand new doors were installed in the frame and insulating panels were situated onto the concrete walls! Here's an updated picture of the mounted panels: 
As the week started to come to an end, so did the wintery weather.  Signs of spring came about and a lot of the snow melted away.  Although this means that the driving had to be put on hold, it's ok because the animals are outside enjoying the sunshine and freshly exposed grass! 
Well, most of the animals...some still prefer to stay inside and cuddle up :) 


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