Blue hands and some baby-stuff

The baby-boom continuers!

Our sweet cow Anna gave birth to a weak girl named Hanni. Our wwoofer Hanni cares about her night and day and so she gets bigger and stronger every day!
Dean is quiet big now but sadly not a man anymore… And he has a new "room" so he can be outside on the grassland- he really likes it!

And here is the promised rabbit-baby’s picture- since a few days they live alone, without their mother Trio so she can have a little holiday from them ;)

Not a baby anymore but a new animal on the farm as well is our beautiful horse Caramell! She was a little bit shy in the beginning but now she is used to us and a really lovely horse!

The story behind the blue hands..

A week ago we all went to a beautiful place between two little lakes to pick up blueberry’s. It was a wonderful day in the forest and we had a delicious lunch with soup heated up over the fire! But we were working a lot, too because we picked up about 150 Liter of the berry’s and afterwards we had to clean them all. Nice work but some of us still have coloured hands ;)

Adventure time!
Some of us went to a really old watermill which is still at work and it was really impressive! It’s like a high- tech construction that works only with the power of the water and the man there could explain a lot about the work in former times and the technique how that all works so well. And on our way back home we ate a lot of raspberry’s- delicious!


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