Week 46-47 "Dream trip"

Week 46-47
No too many words but Pictures Pictures and more Pictures,...
Allmogegarden what a dream farm
you should experience once per your life.

Greetings from all WWOOFers here to everyone.


Peter from Taiwan

 Its a dream trip for everyone, and we will come back again and again.
Our sweet "cheese girl" Charly is leaving.
Bengt and Maria's new lover.
Put out the green house.
Jordan is putting the straw cow shit on the bed.
French chief Yvan is bakering yamyam feeca.
Maria is taking Ulinda for a walk.
Maria is cleaning Fred's feet.
Bengt is showing us how to take off the bark of the tree.
Maria is useing the childish chopping machine.
Lepher is saying "give me some food"
Sending the hays to the horses.
Burning, cutting, carring the woods in the forest. 
Ingrid is teaching us how to swing the wool.
Kitchen day time table for this week.
Jordan is cooking some potatoes
Bengt and Maria is on holiday so Jordan is the milking man in the morning barn.
The Chicken Master Roman (as know as the prince of the Fire)  is feeding the chickens as usual.
Allmogegarden's art gallary: Banana art-1 by Roman
Allmogegarden's art gallary: Banana art-2 a talking banana by Jordan.
Our future tractor driver star Selma with her new lovely makeup.
Taking the leaf off from the hill.
Bengt is expaining how the leaf works for the soil.


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