Manure, Timber and Food :)

A long time since the last post and it happend a usual I guess ;) The kittens and the piglets are growing day by day, the chickes are in a bad mood caused by the snow almost no eggs for us :( , the cows and sheeps enjoy they peaceful life during the horses are using they muscles. Beside the daily work we had two bigger project in the last two weeks. 
The first one is called manure drinving: Two whole days  we carried horse nad sheep manure from a neighborly farm and threw it  on our fields. With two tractors and a lot of workers we were  ready quickly and beside we have fun :) Armed with pitchforks, shovels and rubber boots we declaimed against the shit and went home with black in the face and  the feeling that we worked very good. Above all I could sang the song manure here..manure there..manure everywhere!!! 
The second project was or is the work in the forest. We are logging trees in the forest. Bengt brings them to fall with his power saw and cuts the branches, we collect these branches and pile them to create a big fire. We clean the forest floor so there will be grass in the spring. We also pile the tree logs. And now it's the turn of the horses. They work with us by pulling the logs with a sleigh. Frej, Clara-Fina and Pluto give their everything. Even Jolinda was in on it. She was walking near Pluto and looked very professional. So at the moment we are using the snow and are sad about the fact that it's melting. But we had a very nice, cozy, white Chrismas. So some words to our Chrismas: The little Christmastree which still looking beautiful was loved by all the kittens.. I haven't to explain why I think. When the kittens had fun with the tree the humans had fun in the kitchen preparing a real Chrismas meal which was can I say..a little bit international :) Spanish people conjured a soup, the main dish consists of ham, something like dumplings and potato mash. The Dutch people created a pumpkin pie and get this!: The French people baked Croissants!!! Real Croissants! Like Croissants in French! Hmmm sooo tasty . Now we are all fat and have to work as much again :)...jealous? Let's see was New Year's Eve will bring ;) We wish you all the best and a Happy New Year!
That should be a heart ;)


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