Summer, hässja and berries

It has been a bussy time here at Allmogegaarden. Everyone has worked hard to cut down grass, put up hässjas (Hässja is a constrution that will let the grass dry out, so that it can be used for hay), (Letting it dry for a week or two), taking it down and store it in the barn....Hard work, but teamwork makes the dreamwork, as we say :)
Here they are, all standing :)
And here we're taking them all down again (really hard work)
The last wagon is brought to the barn and we celebrate with a pictures of all the good looking, hardworking and dirty farmers! :)
During this week we have also picked a lot of berries. The season for berries has been crazy and we have never seen so many berries in Tolarp. This of cause brings out the wwoof''ers for a berriehunt and we came home with 2 1/2 buckets full of blueberries (In general the all wwooférs teeth, lips and toungs have been blue all week), 1 bucket of rasberries and a little bit of kantarel (A really tasty mushrrom)
We finish of with a few pictures of the summer atmosphere here at the farm - Most of them are from the big lake near by where we all have spend some good hours swimming in the icecold water
Have a wonderfull summer! :)



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