"Let's scare the winter away !"

As mentionned in the previous article, with April, the Sun King claimed his kingdom back. But since in Allmogegarden, we tend to be "just a little" supersticious, we decided to "scare the winter away" as the tradition wants it. The principle was simple : make huge forest fires and pray for the snow to leave us forever (until next winter of course !). Three fires were then lit up by a really motivated trio ... who, somehow, failed brilliantly to scare the winter away since the next morning, Tolarp woke up under 5cm of snow !!!
Luckily, the snow melted as fast as it fell, and the woofers went back to their routine. Stone picking season left it's place to sawing and seeding season. Real Spring had now begun.
Her Magesty the Queen tried to extend her power on to the potatoes fields, but the rumor has it that the People is starting to get more and more rebelious. Indeed, a lot of them are sent to "Scrappa War" every day. Some of them don't come back, and those who do, are changed forever... It is a hard war to fight, under terrible weather conditions, but the people seem to be on the way to victory. Strong of this new motivation, won't they try to take the power back ? 
Some woofers decided to take their frustration out by choping wood. Taking, by the way, the opportunity to train their muscles and maintain their body in good shape. Which could save their life in the "Scrappa war"... SMART ! Better chopping logs than heads as we say ( even if the Frenchs wouldn't always agree with that, we all know how they handle their queens in France ...) !
Some teamed up to build a new lair were freedom could reign forever ... Rumor says that the rebellious squad could be moving into their own "underground" G.Q. by the end of the month ...
Some others keep it cool by resting and cuddling all day !
And some others found peace in religion. Loosing themselves into the nature's harmony,They even went as far as to build a new church. Now all they lack is a Guru !
Each one has it's own way of releaving the pressure, and it seems to have worked so far... which is good, because the people need all their strengh for the planning of the upcoming "Selsufficiancy Festival" ! Already many meetings have been attented to and there will be many more to come ! 
At the same time, another war has been taking place in Tolarp ! The "FOX WAR" !!! A new ranger has been hired to handle the "sheep massacre" problem. A fox has been visiting them at night and slaughtering poor lambs.. But no worries : our own knight in shining armour is making sure there won't be other victims !
Let's hope that the gods will keep on protecting Allmogegarden as they have been doing for so long... but something tells me that everything will be for the best ! 


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