Happy new year

We haven´t updated the blog since before New Year. Although not much time has passed, we have done many things and enjoyed the weather, food and work.

We can divide all these things into two groups:

- A first group where we continued with two big projects which we talked about in the previous post as:

Working with the manure pile that  we have been doing  when we had no snow and we've finally finished with the manure pile from the neighboring farm.


On the other hand we continued  working  in the forest, where Bengt and sometimes Maria cut  trees and the others, burning the branches, moving the logs and finally the horses were doing the last work carrying the logs home. And here's more good news, Jolinda has begun to be trained by Maria, walking next to Pluto and Frej.


- The second group could talk of little moments but also important and funny:

We had  New Year together, we ate three courses, one appetizer, main dish with lamb and potatoes and ending with fruit salad, chocolate pudding and ice cream plus a little whiskey and champagne.
The next day some of the wwoofers walked to the small pond, which was totally frozen and we could walk on the icy water.  Also this day,  5 wwoofers went  to the lake Vättern  to take the first bath of the year, which was  a little cold, but what better way to start the year, no?


A few days later, we had a concert after dinner. Vera and Lea returned to Holland and they  wanted to thank Maria, Bengt and all the wwoofers  for the good time spent in Tolarp singing and playing the flute for half an hour.


After that  Doris was ready to change her place. Then in the morning with a bucket of grain and other of milk , we moved  Doris from the stable to Leffe. And Leffe didn´t lose time to give his  welcome to Doris. So at the end of April we will have a new piglets.


At the end , the last events have been carrying grain to the mill to get flour until at least summer, so we started baking Danish bread.  And we end this post with the best news of the year ( we have only 11 days), we have already started using handmade soaps made by Maria with sheep and  pig fat.

Carlos  from Spain


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