smoky October 2014

The days are passing by, it´s getting colder and darker and winter comes closer and closer. For that reason we are busy with cutting wood, burning branches, limbering up at the big fires, building fences before the ground freezes and preparing the beds for the winter by covering them with manure. Fixing the last gutters got more and more important because of some days that brought lots of rain. We can proudly announce that they are working perfectly. 
The last glances of summer brought us a lot of tomatoes who are now occupying every little space in the freezers. The countless chili peppers which we transformed into sauce gave us one lesson: never cut them into small pieces without any protection- otherwise it will burn, burn, burn.
The animals are bringing joy into our daily routines: the kittens slowly grow up, discover the room and fighting with each other - always keeping us from working. Finally Doris and Leffe become happy parents of nine healthy piglets that can be described as the most wonderful piglets ever. 
Live and death go hand in hand so the last weeks roosters, the cow Rolle, pigs and mooses were slaughtered.
We had lots of fun falling into mud, shit and the pond – well, at least the once who saw it ;)
Further we are working hard on building the new slaughterhouse, making cheese, yoghurt, butter and jam. From time to time we enjoy selfmade applecake, pasta or other treats. Last but not least we have a little experiment with growing avocado kernel to avocado plants.
Marie and Anika from Germany.


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