Week: 44-46 27.10 - 09.11. 2014 „How are you with the fencing, now!?

Winter joined us the first time since the last vanished silently.

In the morning of the 6th November, the morning barn team stepped out of the warm and cosy bed with closed eyes and suddenly slipped down the 2 stairs of the WWOOFer house, brought to fall by 10 cm  Snow....

But before.....

There is a reason for the topic of this blogpost, because every day, we heard the phrase, minimum, once. We sat together in the living room, and suddenly Maria asked, between two spoons of soup, „hey, how are you with the fencing now?“.

Nearly every day, some of us continued building the old swedish fences, since we wanna be finished before Christmas, and what do you need for old swedish fences? exactly: Wood!

So, as often as the group went to the fences, another group went to the forest with Bengt. He cut the woods, we carried it and burnt the branches.

Now, Yvan could maybe be the next Schwarzenegger and the rest is able to survive without clothes in the woods, so everyone learned something.

We picked nearly 100 kilogramms of Tomatos, no matter if green or red, because the days are getting cold now, so they won't grow further. Marie and Anika spent nearly 2 days sitting in front of the WWOOFer oven, to cook Tomato-Jam, Lemonade etc., while Snow was falling outside.

Charlie, Anika, Selma and Martin cleaned the pigstable, after Bengt slaugthered them and also,the sheep need to have a place to rest and let their hair grow again, which was cut. Now we're going to do some hats or even pictures of their fur...Roman and selma were very excited.

We also prepared the beets for the winter and the coming spring. We plucked all the redbeets and everything else, what was growing beside the cellar and put the menora from the new sheepstable ontop of the beds, so that we have good and warm soil in the next spring-what a huge amount of sh...

Bengt is now very buisy by shlaughtering sheep for friends or ourselfes. In between, he cuts woods and showed us how to start a fire with wet wood. We just have to figure out, how to burn a huge amount of fresh cut wood on a little smoky fire... It's cold. And wet.

Maria borrowed a little digger to fix the wastewaterpipes behind the kitchen, because something got stuck inside and she also was using it now to make a new “garden“, behind the mainhouse, it's beautiful. “And the earth was without form and void“ ,baisically ;).


Greetings from all WWOOFers here to all WWOOFers out there

Jorne & Martin from Germany










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